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About Us

Sophia Reynold Apparel Co. is a family business, named after our baby girl. Our goal is to bring you top quality handmade clothing for your little ones. Each piece is crafted to perfection using All Natural and Organic cotton.

Our Natural and Organic cotton yarn are super soft and sure to bring pleasure to anyone who wears them. Perfect for warm or cool climates, animal fiber sensitivities, and is easy to care. We have a wide range of handmade hats, beanies, sweaters and dresses. Each piece is made to order and we welcome custom orders as well.

Whether you are buying one of our Collections for your baby or as a gift, you will have the peace of mind that the material is top quality and safe for the little ones.

We thank you for supporting our store and welcome your feedback or suggestions to help us make your shopping experience with us more enjoyable. We are committed to continuously bring you the cutest and best value handmade children clothing and accessories.

Yours truly,

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